Cage Walk – in english

This is the (pre)documentation of a project, witch will start on 12. august 2012


John Cage

Composer, artist, zen-master, philanthropist

John Milton Cage Jr. (* 5. September 1912 in Los Angeles; † 12. August 1992 in New York City)


Some kind of pilgrimage (an ART-pilgrimage)

Start 12. August 2012, with a Matenee at Steingraeber Bayreuth

unfortunately only as an imaginary walk (because of my injury).

I will post everyday on this blog as a diary, a maybe (be a maybe! it’s better than death) I will make the walk good, next year.

End 05. September 2012 Sankt-Burchardi-Kirche, Halberstadt  (at the John-Cage-Organ-Project) about. 400 km of walk


this documentation (more english pages comming soon)

A Call for Sounds

We’re looking for sounds for an audio work in honor of John Cage. In the style of Cage’s piece “Roaratorio”, our aim is to gather sounds from all the places which Cage visited or where he lived in the course of his life. All we need is the ambient sound of the place – it doesn’t need to be a recording of Cage, or of music being played, in the location, but simply any sound that was captured there. A short .mp3 recording or video from one of these places would be enough (though higher quality audio would be great!). In the case of video, there is no necessity to arrange clearance for the images – we would just need permission to use the soundtrack.

Please send your recordings together with a description of the place and date of recording. If you had a personal connection with Cage (for instance, a concert you attended together, a course or lecture of his which you attended), please also let us know.

– the “Cage Walk” Team